Mar 26, 2014
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Part 2. Since for some odd reason, tumblr is derpy.

But seriously though, me, T-shirt, now.

Mar 26, 2014
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Seriously though. I want that shirt

Mar 19, 2014
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Oh Jesse

Oh Jesse

Mar 17, 2014
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Mar 17, 2014
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Bit late, but I’ve figured out how to make it better :D


Mar 6, 2014
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I’m not too sure on my own leap of logic, but I needed an excuse to fuck around in photoshop

Mar 3, 2014
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I got bored. And I watched Zoey’s Pokemon Episode.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Hail Helix

And Zoey for hitting 100k

Feb 24, 2014
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Feb 23, 2014
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Finding Force Lightning is VERY difficult

Finding Force Lightning is VERY difficult


Feb 22, 2014
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Hey! So sorry I’ve been kinda away. My bad.

I’m trying out doing gifs on request. Link here:

Several things to include (please):

Link to the video please

Give me a timestamp of the stuff you want gif-ed

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